La Scuola Open Source

The SOS is a community of digital artisans, makers, artists, designers, programmers, pirates, dreamers and innovators, that act together, testing new research, teaching, mentoring, co-living practices and models. They design social and technological innovation and are involved in teaching for learners, freelancers and managers of all ages.

This initiative foster the ability to build relationships among researchers and developers with different backgrounds, teaming up to achieve common objectives, leveraging on education and learning. This initiative targets at 3 different objectives: 1) Create communities where people with shared interest in the fields of craftsmanship, technology, science, visual arts, poetry, editing, robotics, domotics, biology, electronics and more can gather, socialize and/or cooperate; 2) Re-use obsolete technology with the aim of promoting their smart upcycling; 3) Organise small workshops offering customized digital fabrication services, equipped with a kit of fast prototyping tools (3d printing, laser cut, etc.).

The SSH has been integrated into the methods as follows: a) Use of co-design as a “catalyst to collectively redefine our relationship with reality”, envisioning things for how they could be, altogether; b) Learning-by-doing, because teaching should be always combined with a continuous activity of research and exploration. Situational learning, are absolutely central in our vision and in the project we intend to realize; c ) Hacker ethics. Linux’s big innovation was not the Operating System, but the open social dynamic that was set up to make that project happen; d) Osmosis.

The SOS intends to facilitate and generate osmotic processes between experiences and skills, aiming to increase everyone’s intrinsic value for the community. The SOS promotes an alternative and aware approach to designing and production processes, stimulating self-production as a form of self-employment. The training content and the solutions are ready and available at the end of each training session. The training course can be accessed by fee payment. Several grants are available, covering partially or totally the cost for students.

The SOS seeks for private funding and donations of stakeholders to sustain the courses. They set up a fund to finance the assignment of SOS scholarships through donations made by individuals, institutions or companies.

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