Tried-and-tested Practices

This repertoire is a collection of tested, practical and replicable materials stemming from various ICT research and innovation projects or RRI *-based activities. All the initiatives that you can find here have been proven to be valuable and producing optimal results in implementing RRI principles.

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Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Roadmap
Xenia Schneider

The aim of the RRI roadmap is to provide an approach for addressing a challenge through the application of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and the involvement of diverse stakeholders such as citizens, civil society, researchers and scientists, policy makers, policy implementers, business and industry people.


COUCH – The Council of Coaches

The Council of Coaches (COUCH) project aims to address one of the grand challenges of our time: To create high quality health care and welfare services to ageing societies. But as responsible and sympathetic this may sound; it still implies risks toward society at large. Thus, COUCH is concerned with proceeding towards its goals in a responsible manner and pre-empt potential societal risks.

IAQOS – Intelligenza Artificiale di Quartiere Open Source (Artificial Intelligence for Open Source District)
HubIT Project

IAQOS is an artificial intelligence able to collect Big Data and it has been funded by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage. The project uses art and design to transform data into knowledge useful for understanding and solving neighborhood problems.

Give them a voice! – increasing young citizen participation and engagement, in the future digital society
HubIT Project

The Unit for Technology and Society Foresight (TSF) at Tel Aviv University, as part as the EU project WYRED developed a program for empowerment and increased involvement of youth in the digital society, based on experiential learning, involved "Research dialogues" and PBL (project-based learning) and service learning.

Digital community engagement tools
Social Pinpoint

A sleek and modern web-based community engagement platform and tools, allowing community members and stakeholders to publicly collaborate on concerns and ideas related to development or infrastructure projects in their local area.

Deep Learning with Humans in the Loop
Fisher Yu, Ari Seff, Yinda Zhang, Shuran Song, Thomas Funkhouser, Jianxiong Xiao - Princeton University

An integrated framework using deep learning with humans in the loop to annotate a large-scale image dataset. The key new idea is a labeling propagation system that automatically amplifies manual human effort.

Fully Online MA in Educational Technology
University of Tartu

The Educational Technology programme is a 1-year online programme designed to provide an opportunity for professional development to people who are working or plan to work in positions that involve teaching and wish to use educational technology more effectively in their work. The program gives an opportunity for teachers at home and abroad to learn ICT skills to use them in school environments. The program is built on the principles of interactivity, student agency and responsibility.

Office anthropology: Steelcase applies behavioral research to workplace designs

The company used its anthropological data to co-design a new suite of Creative Spaces for the workplace.

Internes Crodwsourcing in Unternehmen
Dr. Marco Wedel, Internal Crowdsourcing in Companies (ICU), TU Berlin

The goal of ICU is to develop a hands-on, employee-friendly, internal crowd-sourcing model that serves as a reference case of good practice for future crowdsourcing activities.

ITUD - Interactive Tool for Urban Design
HubIT Project

Interactive Tool for Urban Design has been developed to fulfill the environmental and societal needs while defining, creating and revitalizing the urban environment.

OPIN - A European toolbox for youth eParticipation projects
HubIT Project

OPIN is an all-in-one digital and mobile participation toolbox, easily embedded in the web presence of youth organisations or public administrations.

Emotive Project - Using emotional storytelling to dramatically change how we experience heritage sites
Emotive Project

For heritage professionals, the Emotive application will provide a powerful storytelling engine and a set of rich digital media assets that can be used to create detailed characters and narratives featuring archaeological sites or collections of artefacts. For visitors, Emotive will offer dramatic, emotionally engaging stories that can be experienced while at a cultural site or remotely.

La Scuola Open Source
HubIT Project

The SOS is a community of digital artisans, makers, artists, designers, programmers, pirates, dreamers and innovators. That act together, testing new research, teaching, mentoring, co-living practices and models. They design social and technological innovation and are involved in teaching for learners, freelancers and managers of all ages.

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