The HubIT Guidelines

- Coming soon

Are you looking for hands-on advice on how to better align ICT with societal needs and demands? And are you interested in learning more about how interdisciplinary collaboration can help you in this context? Then you have come to the right place of the HubIT metropolis. The guidelines are namely all about steering ICT research and innovation processes towards more responsible outcomes. They will help you reap all the benefits that an RRI approach and collaboration between ICT and SSH have to offer.

To this end the HubIT guidelines will put the following two helplines at your disposal:

  • Guidelines for interdisciplinary and responsible ICT research and innovation;
  • A method for inclusive hackathons;

Are you intrigued? Then scroll down for more information on these helplines.

New method for inclusive hackathons

Stay tuned! A new method coming up.

Traditional hackathons represent an effective method for quick problem solving. Often the method is exclusively used by the ICT community. The HubIT inclusive hackathon will change this as the main objective is to include SSH researchers into the co-creation process.

The aim of this experimental approach is to design a new event format that is equally good for ad hoc problem solving but at the same time produces results that inherently comply with the standards of RRI. Once this new method is devised it should also be possible to tackle new types of problems. While hackathons normally tackle technical problems the new method will likely be applicable to social problems as well.

External resources on implementing RRI in ICT

While waiting for the HubIT guidelines we would like to direct your attention to a couple of already existing and highly useful external resources. Both of them provide guidance on how to implement RRI in ICT. Though, they do not have ICT and SSH collaboration as an explicit focus which the HubIT guidelines will have.

AREA 4P: Framework for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT
Source: ORBIT – Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT

The AREA 4P Framework is a tool that helps those involved in ICT research and innovation to do so responsibly. It consists of a set of scaffolding questions that allow researchers, funders and other stakeholders to consider a range of aspects of ICT research.

AREA stands for Anticipate, Reflect, Engage, and Act and 4P for Process, Product, Purpose and People.

The framework can be downloaded here.

A Framework for Implementing RRI in ICT for an Ageing Society
Source: Responsible-Industry

This framework consists of a set of recommendations and procedures for the facilitation of RRI in industry by addressing the following key questions:

  • Who is responsible for what?
  • How can RRI be integrated along the value chain?
  • How can ethical and social impact analysis be performed?
  • Which tools can be used for RRI?

The resource can be downloaded here.