Good Practices Repository of responsible ICT Research and Innovation with SSH input

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The Good Practices Repository is a collection of clustered documentation about the successful implementation of RRI principles into the ICT processes.

A Good Practice (GP) is any initiative and procedure (e.g. projects, studies, policies, use cases, success stories, fact sheet, methodologies, on-field activities) to implement RRI, which the experience has shown to working well and producing optimal results in the implementation of ICT research and innovation informed by SSH following one or more principles expressed by the six RRI axis (Ethics, Public Engagement, Gender Equality, Science Education, Open Access, Governance). A good practice is characterised by replicability. This means that a Good Practice should be adaptable to similar objectives in different geographic areas for different potential target groups.

Why sharing a Good Practice with interested stakeholders:

  • The GPs suggest new ways to plan activities and achieve targets
  • The GP can be re-used, by scaling it accordingly to the stakeholders’/users’ needs.

Soon you will be able to access HubIT's Good Practices Repository!