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Module for Aberration Correction and Fast Volumetric Imaging in a Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope

Start Date: 01-09-2019

End Date: 30-11-2020


CORDIS identification number: 851697

The aim of this proposal is to evolve the current set-up used in the FET Open project MESOBRAIN to a functional prototype capable of running the full hardware and any related software, in an easy, stable and modular way, which can be operated by an inexperienced user. The current set-up is capable of fast volumetric imaging under high resolution (x, y, z) conditions and is based on the combination of a light sheet fluorescence microscope (LSFM) with Wavefront coding (WFC) techniques. This allows obtaining high resolution images at a speed approaching 100Volumes/sec. Beyond the WFC capabilities, the new MAFIn module will be based on the implementation of adaptive optics (AO) strategies for aberration compensations. Therefore, the module will be also able to correct for the aberration introduced by the system and by the sample itself. As a result, this module for aberration correction and fast volumetric imaging will be universal, as it will be able to be adapted to any existing LSFM, either to current commercial systems or to custom-made setups in research labs, and easy to use by non-experts in life sciences applications. This unique MAFIn prototype will be able to observe the fast cellular and intracellular dynamics that occur in biological samples in 3D with high resolutions. Therefore, MAFIn will significantly expand the impact of the FET Open project MESOBRAIN.