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A Novel Deep Eutectic System for the Creation of New Co-crystals

Start Date: 01-06-2020

End Date: 30-11-2021

Id: Eutomic

CORDIS identification number: 945679

EUTOMIC presents a completely new and unexpected idea sprung from the cradle of the EU Horizon2020 FET-Open grant ‘MagnaPharm’ which is concerned with the control of polymorphism in pharmaceuticals through the application of strong magnetic fields. The desire to control and constrain the growth of crystals using external stimuli in MagnaPharm led inexorably to the discovery of this new class of deep eutectics, using a sparingly stable synergistic solvent system as a vector for the spontaneous creation of new cocrystals in and of itself. EUTOMIC proposes the support of the FET Innovation Launchpad to increase the investment readiness of this innovation towards a commercially attractive & sustainable university spin-off company, ‘Eutomic Ltd.’, EUTOMIC will foster the full exploration and exploitation of the novel materials being created from this new eutectic system.