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Accurate, Reliable and Optimized functional MAgnetic resonance imaging at unprecedented field strength for unique exploration of the human brain

Start Date: 01-01-2021

End Date: 31-12-2025


CORDIS identification number: 885876

The AROMA project will provide the means enabling in vivo non-invasive exploration of cognitive functions of the human brain at the mesoscopic scale (500 μm). This will be achieved with non-incremental Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technologies at unprecedented field strength (11.7 Tesla). The following ambitious objectives are considered: -Maximize signal by means of advanced sequence developments, innovative coil designs, motion correction and paradigm shift radiofrequency pulse designs. -Exploit the emerging field sensors technology to minimize the noise induced by subject’s motion and physiology to achieve the functional targeted detection sensitivity. -Test and validate the disruptive scientific progress with tens of healthy adult volunteers for validation of the anatomical scan quality as well as reliable detection of cortical-depth dependent neural activations. AROMA is a multidisciplinary project engaging 6 EU partners (with young researchers and first-time participants to FET) from 5 countries (France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and United Kingdom) covering the academic and industrial worlds. An implementation plan is presented in the form of 5 work packages, 4 of which are technical in nature. Synergy in communication and dissemination by the several partners and stakeholders (external advisory board, letters of intent are provided) will permit to maximize AROMA project impact. The proposal presents solutions to overcome the fundamental barriers and considers appropriate deliverables, tasks, milestones and risks in order to complete the project objectives in due time. Medical sector will be impacted by the AROMA project outcomes, with implications for computational psychiatry and deciphering the encoding of words, mathematical objects and conscious thoughts. The arsenal of techniques deployed in the project will constitute paradigm shifts with a unified solution, and with commercial opportunities and benefits for the MRI industry in general.