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Quantum Repeaters using On-demand Photonic Entanglement

Start Date: 01-09-2020

End Date: 31-08-2023

Id: Qurope

CORDIS identification number: 899814

The objectives of Qurope are to develop a hybrid quantum repeater architecture based on dissimilar quantum systems and to test its performances in real-word applications. The envisioned implementation is based on two disruptive technologies that will be pioneered during the project: (i) Near-ideal quantum-dot-based sources of entangled photon pairs that will simultaneously feature high brightness, near-unity degree of entanglement and indistinguishability, wavelength-tuneability, and on-demand operation. (ii) Efficient and broad-band quantum memories that will be specifically designed and engineered to store and retrieve polarization-entangled photons from quantum dots. Different quantum dot-quantum memory systems will be combined to develop near-infrared and telecom-based quantum repeaters, which will then be tested using both free-space and fiber-based quantum key distribution protocols based on entanglement. This will be performed in the elementary quantum-network infrastructure available in the consortium – a major breakthrough that will open the path towards future large scale implementation of secure quantum communication.