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Private for Profit Organisation

Vassilis Katsouros
Peter Szegedi

"The key objective of our project is to bridge the gap between secondary schools and higher education and research by better integrating formal and informal learning scenarios and adapting both the technology and the methodology that students will most likely be facing in universities. We are focusing on the context of secondary schools, often referred to as high schools, which provide secondary ...

Attila Szantner

"Technology transfer of gaming assets to non-leisure contexts such as the energy efficiency sector has become the “holy grail” of today’s research and industrial efforts towards a more sustainable energy system. The main objective of SOCIALENERGY is to develop, validate and demonstrate a gaming and social network platform for educating energy consumers and virtual energy communities towards ...

Mr. Germán Gutiérrez

SAINT proposes to analyse and identify incentives to improve levels of collaboration between cooperative and regulatory approaches to information sharing. Analysis of the ecosystems of cybercriminal activity, associated markets and revenues will drive the development of a framework of business models appropriate for the fighting of cybercrime. The role of regulatory approaches as a cost benefit i...

Antonio Grilo

State-of-the art Virtual Reality (VR) technologies designed for gaming offer new opportunities for social and economic benefits in their application to education. This project will pioneer the use of mainstream PlayStation VR technologies for innovative educational applications which engage world-wide audiences in the Europe’s rich historical and scientific heritage. Supported by the R&D team at...

Veronika Liebl

Energy-related behaviours (physical activity, sedentary behaviour) are main modifiable determinants of several non-communicable health conditions, e.g. diabetes type 2, overweight and obesity, and track into adulthood. Promoting these behaviours among youngsters can have great health and societal gains. Meeting recommended levels for these behaviours is especially low among adolescents, girls and ...

Paul Cunningham

Science, technology and arts limn a nexus at which observers have identified extraordinarily high potential for innovation. And innovation is precisely what’s called for if we’re to master the social, ecological and economic challenges that Europe will be facing in the future. The STARTS Prize initiative will focus on the most forward looking collaborations at the crossings of art, science, te...

Dr. Stefan M. Oertl

The ROMA project builds on the theories of strategic interactions developed in the FET CONGAS project and performs the engineering of a new technology for billing and pricing of mobile network infrastructures under competitive sharing of storage, computation power and services. The project will apply such concepts to a specific pilot. The pilot is a mobile edge computing (MEC) platform engineered ...

Giuseppe Littera

"The project proposes transformation of Autonomous Unmanned Marine Surface vehicle aPad, the specific research result of the ongoing FET project no. 640967 subCULTron, into commercially attractive, sustainable and innovative product that both address societal challenges and is highly competitive in global markets. Our initial market research, end-users inquiries and even first acquisition suggest ...

Francesco Petrini

"The project is aimed at developing a novel wireless acoustic sensor network (WASN) for multi-user active noise equalization without the need of using headsets. This system is formed by multiple active noise equalizers (ANEs), which act as a node in a WASN-type set up and cooperate to simultaneously solve their node-specific noise equalization problems. By doing so, the proposed system can simulta...

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