Adrian Lonescu

This project will investigate the next generation of materials and devices for latent heat thermal energy storage (LHTES) at ultra-high temperatures of up to 2000ºC, which are well beyond todays maximum operation temperatures of ~1000ºC. We will synthetize new phase change materials (PCMs) with latent heat in the range of 2-4 MJ/kg (an order of magnitude greater than that of typical salt-based P...

Daniele Trucchi

During the FET NEBIAS we developed and clinically validated novel and effective restoration of sensory feedback from missing hand in upper-limb amputees. They felt natural sensations, used to ameliorate control and acceptance of prosthesis, and diminish phantom limb pain. The goal of SensAgain is to exploit these results commercially. In particular, we aim at verifying whether the innovation gener...

Paul Lukowicz

In HANAS (Hybrid Artificial and Natural Atomic Systems) storage in atomic quantum memories of single photons generated with novel quantum dot devices was demonstrated. Single photon detectors are crucial building blocks in quantum memories and in follow-up technologies such as quantum repeaters and the quantum internet. For our experiments in HANAS, single photon detectors based on semiconducting...

François Fischer

"Automated driving is expected to increase safety, provide more comfort and create many new business opportunities for mobility services. The market size is expected to grow gradually reaching 50% of the market in 2035. The IoT is about enabling connections between objects or things; it’s about connecting anything, anytime, anyplace, using any service over any network. There is little doubt tha...

Raúl Sebastiá

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) find applications in a number of large-scale, safety-critical domains e.g. transportation, smart cities, etc. While the increased CPS adoption has resulted in the maturation of solutions for CPS development, a single consistent science of system integration for CPS has not yet been consolidated. Therefore CPS development remains a complex and error-prone task, often re...

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