Welcome to the HubIT Metropolis

Information and Communication Technologies, also simply known as ICT, are present in every area of people’s lives, from communicating, working, reading, driving, and even, going to the doctor.

That is why, the success of a business or a project and even the world depends on the same thing: our society.

In this context, the HubIT project, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union, launched “The HubIT Metropolis”: a place where you will find all the resources that can help you to align the processes of your project or business with the values, needs and expectations of society.

At the HubIT Metropolis you have three main stations: Understand, Collaborate and Monitor. Learn more about them below.

How to make technology closer to society

The HubIT Metropolis’ UNDERSTAND Station offers a set of resources that show how to implement responsible research and innovation. Everything you need, from what others are doing to the challenges you may face ahead, is available to you in one place.

With others towards a technology that meets people's needs

The HubIT Metropolis’ COLLABORATE Station offers a set of resources that will help you engage with experts in relevant fields. Check who is involved, what others have done and engage with them in the HubIT Metropolis.

If your technology is line with societal needs

The HubIT Metropolis’ MONITOR Station offers a set of resources that enable you to monitor, measure and assess responsible research and innovation. Access personalised questionnaires, relevant guidelines, and much more!

Feature #1

Interact with the community by logging in. Keep your feed and profile updated for more connections! Access the Social Hub where you can check what is being said in the community, what others are saying and the projects they are engaged with. Suggest partnership opportunities

Feature #2

Access the Calendar and check HubIT’s upcoming events that you can participate in! From workshops to speed-dating events, there will be lots of opportunities to make great connections.

Feature #3

Go to the Forum and discuss the hottest topics in the application of responsible research and innovation in ICT through Social Sciences and Humanities. Why don’t you also suggest a topic? Be bold!

Feature #4

Stay updated. Access the News section and be aware of the latest developments of the project and others topics related to it. Do you have a suggestion for a news article? Don’t hesitate and tell us!

Feature #5

Access the People section. Know who is connected in the HubIT Metropolis. Check their interests and the projects they are working on. Are you interested in a partnership? Send them messages and get connected!