First HubIT Advisory Board workshop in Budapest

08 November 2017

The first HubIT Advisory Board workshop took place in Budapest on 8th of November 2017

The deployment of information and communication technologies (ICT) introduces radical changes to our lives. Therefore, it is crucial that ICT innovations follow the expectations, needs and values of society, not only in a reactive way, but also a proactive way through constructive, reflective and critical interactions with social sciences and humanities (SSH) and application of responsible research and innovation (RRI) actions (user engagement, gender equality, ethical issues, education and open access).

The HubIT Advisory Board (AB) is the body for channelling inputs from the H2020 RRI-SSH effort into HubIT. The AB engages 10-15 representatives of projects financed under the RRI-SSH approach as a community of experts experienced in and motivated to improve the inclusiveness of ICT innovations by uptake of SSH expertise and implementation of above mentioned RRI actions.

The first AB workshop offered a discussion forum where 12 representatives of the projects under the RRI-SSH approach addressed crucial key topics of responsible ICT innovation and formulated expectations on the HubIT project. This was a first step in engaging the core stakeholders for establishing a shared understanding of the SSH enabled ICT innovation, the challenges, needs and steering of HubIT efforts.

The overall objective of the Workshop was to create the first contact with the HubIT core target group (SSH-RRI projects) and understand their level of awareness of the overall concept of RRI and SSH-ICT collaboration. Also, to establish understanding on the practical problems and needs related to those dimensions when planning and implementing the projects. And finally, to identify how HubIT could coordinate and support the SSH-RRI dimension within those projects.

The workshop had 2 sessions:
Session 1: The concept of responsible ICT innovation with the aim to establish a common understanding of what it takes for ICT research and innovation to be responsible and inclusive, and how to make it happen.
Session 2: Key drivers, barriers, challenges and needs in pursuing SSH-RRI in ICT with the aim to identify drivers, barriers, challenges and needs in planning and delivering responsible ICT innovation and expectations on HubIT.
The discussion of each session took place in two parts:
1) Moderated parallel group discussions, addressing a predefined list of questions.
2) Presentations of the key findings stemming from the parallel group discussions followed by moderated open discussion and conclusions.

The First Advisory Board workshop produced interesting insights and recommendations from the stakeholders’ (representatives of projects funded under the H2020 SSH-ICT approach) perspectives. The level of detail and quality of the discussions showed that the participants have a good understanding related to the EU FP programs in which they are working, although as expected, the scope of the overall SSH-RRI concept needs to be better defined.

Next HubIT Advisory Board workshop will be organised in March in 2019.

Click here to read the Report of the first HubIT Advisory Board Workshop.


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